V8 Band is a music band and group of ‘funny people’, playing song standards of many genres coming from the beginning of the 20th century till present. We like and play genres like swing, funky, pop, blues, gospel, all in our own arranges. After almost 30 yrs we played hundreds of concerts in SK and abroad as well. We may say that today’s V8 Band is bigger family cooperating with many musicians and bands from SK.

Band members:

  • Katarína Machynová – singer
  • Roman Kompaník – piano
  • Dušan Vrúbel, ml. – bass guitar
  • Matúš Minich – drums
  • Adam Tojčík – alt sax.
  • Jozef Machyna – tenor sax.
  • Ľubomír Machyna – trumpet
  • Boris Schubert – trumpet
  • Peter Juris – trombone